Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sun. Nov. 21, 2010 (J. Evan Kreider)

Evan Kreider spoke on the text from the letter to the Christians at Colosse, a letter which provides a glimpse into how people in this small house church were thinking about Jesus. It addresses issues of the worship of angels and the fear of spirits. The writer points out that access to God is through Jesus, not thorough spiritual beings. Jesus - the image of the invisible God. We are reminded that no one has ever seen God, but Jesus life and action help us envisage an invisible God. While other powers exist, Christ is the king of all. No words can adequately describe God, so we use images like “father,” “light,” “judge,” “king” - all of which have limitations. Jesus best exemplifies God’s qualities and we are limited by language in attempting to describe God. Discussion time included comments on the need for contemporary images of God and of seeing God as “integrator.”(HN) Listen to the sermon audio MP3 recording from Sunday, November 21st, 2010 using your browser's preferred media player.



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