Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sun. Mar. 27, 2011 (Ajay Caleb)

Ajay Caleb, a man with a heart for mission to those in the world with less opportunity, both to care for themselves, or to meet the Lord, led us on a journey to several places in the world where people in their daily living are hurt by lack of opportunity and breadth of vision, including himself. Of himself: a sea of black heads bobbing along the road on their way to work in India, gave him pause, and he asked “Lord, how will I help all these people?” And the answer: “One at a time.” Our task is not to meet the needs of the masses, but only those we meet. In north-east India, near the Bhutan border, Ajay met villagers realizing their vision for education and business possibilities while at war with Marxist guerrillas, and while on a morning walk, met the guerrillas themselves, realizing that though there was war, relationship of clan still held them together. The faith of others also sustains them, but may leave them empty of possibility, as told in a story of a woman whose womb remained childless. We should also not prejudge the results we get, as reminded in the story of meeting a risen Jesus along the road to Emmaus. We should not limit our vision by expecting the results we have always gotten - we should have faith and expect a new result. But we cannot start a fire in another’s heart without it burning in our own. What is our role in mission today? Do we have a burning to bring to others? Are we willing to serve as the Samaritan woman at the well did to Jesus? And will we, like Jesus, serve those deemed less deserving? We have an opportunity to minister here at home. Let us begin it now. [AP]

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