Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sun. Sep. 25, 2011 (Jim Neudorf)

Our 25th anniversary service featured several reflections: one on the past of PGIMF and its founding members as seen through the minutes of an old congregational meeting read by Ed Hintz, a second from Don Teichroeb on the distinctives of our congregation in the present; a third from Jonathan Ehling, detailing the attractiveness this congregation holds for those seeking a future with God, and a fourth from Jim Neudorf, whose work with this congregation goes back very nearly to the beginning when he and Grace arrived from Edmonton, looking for a new church that would stand up to the rigorous inquiry he found at university in a survey course on Christianity. Jim realized his Bible-School education was inadequate to the task of explaining the many contradictions and questions the survey course had left him, and gently, through service to the church, relationship with its members, and studying and speaking to the congregation, he worked out a useful theology of living for himself. This extended his abilities to serve in two other churches in Squamish where he now lives, and with several examples from scripture, extended the same invitation to us to take the risk and follow a radical theology of living as God directs. [AP]

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