Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sun. Apr. 22, 2012 (Ken Friesen)

Ken Friesen reflected on his recent tour to Israel and Palestine with an MCC group. Ken noted that MCC has been working in the area since 1949, shortly after the establishment of the state of Israel. The experience provided Ken (an MCC-BC Board member) with an opportunity to see what peace-making looks like in a conflict area. He observed that the Israel/Palestine situation is controversial: some Christians want total support for Israel while others are concerned about how the Palestinians are treated by the Israeli state. Palestinians are up against a highly organized military state. People in the Middle East hold strong and unflinching political views. MCC’s role is to share Christ’s love and become a blessing through service to others. MCC’s work involves partnerships with a dozen local organizations, including a conflict resolution centre and products for Ten Thousand Villages. Citing Jesus teachings in the Sermon on the Mount, Ken said we should treat others with love and respect, and we should be giving priority to compassion over power and control. God’s requirement is that we respond to human need, wherever it may be. (HN)

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