Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sun. Aug. 19, 2012 (Karl Brown)

Karl Brown gave a message he entitled “The Ghost of Religion” by asking “whose responsibility is it to identify wisdom? Folly? Morality?” Karl insists religion is responsible for all questions such as these: can we have religion without faith? Can we have faith without religion? Depending on your point of view - as Deist (following a watchmaker God); a Theist (knowing a personal God) or Atheist (knowing no God), Karl showed how one’s outlook and traditions are tempered by these beliefs. Logic helps, but only so far. Drawing distinctions between beliefs, religion, moral authority, and faith, Karl encouraged the group to have faith and be religious, to follow God and demonstrate the kindness and tenderness that comes from God, and to avoid the religion without faith that occupies so many other on our planet. Karl asks that during times of trouble, that we not allow our faith, our church, our community to be far from us when we are in need. [AP]

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