Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sun. Aug. 4, 2013 (Morgan Tipton)

Morgan Tipton (Residence Coordinator of the Menno Simons Centre) spoke on "Habitation and Formation: Why Living in Christian Community Matters." Morgan began with a box of brownie mix. For one ESL student at the Centre, the instructions were formidable and frightening. Another student baked brownies every Wednesday midnight, while students gathered to eat and talk. For still another student, only Grandma's recipe sufficed. This was just brownies . . . image the variety of understandings of Christianity and community 23 students bring to the Centre each September. Scripture indicates that faith is shaped in the presence of others. Although 'Christian community' undoubtedly takes place at our Centre, every square inch of the earth is God's, so community can also happen on the dance floor, in a pub or on the bleachers. The social rituals outside the classroom are more formative than are classes, labs and libraries. Community living can have its problems, but a community without tension is also not experiencing growth. [JEK]

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