Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sun. Jan. 26, 2014 (Tony Tremblett)

Tony Tremblett examined discouragement in our lives, particularly when we remember how things used to be. Tony said this is true for our church lives too. Some of us, who have journeyed with God for quite a while, remember times of extreme closeness, when the call to follow was strong. Perhaps this call has faded somewhat in our congregations in recent years, with declining and aging attendance, mission changes, confusion over interpretation and a simple wearing-out of our conviction. Haggai’s prophetic words to the people of Jerusalem who were similarly discouraged at the process of rebuilding the temple after the return from exile were not ordinary. The returned exiles remembered the majesty of the First Temple with its gold and precious materials, and saw that their effort to rebuild was but a poor copy. Haggai galvanized them back to action and reminded them that they were not called to build a magnificent temple, but one suitable to their circumstances in life. Tony reminded us that this is our lot too. Haggai calls us to tell the truth as we see it, so that we can see what ought to be, and can then step into the gap and work for God, for His work is still done even in reduced circumstances. Though the people Haggai called were dissatisfied with their temple, it was sufficient for Jesus to worship in, teach in and clear of moneychangers. Let us hear Haggai’s call ("O take courage, all you people of the land; work for I am with you"), come closer to God and feel his strength with you as you do his work. [AP]

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