Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sun. May 11, 2014 (Dr. Colin Godwin)

Dr. Colin Godwin returned to expand on his message from Matthew 28 on the historic establishment of an Anabaptist kingdom witness in the world.  A current expression of such an alternative community ethic was explored through the example of Ambrosius Spittelmayr, university student and itinerant preacher whose life from new baptism in July 1527 to death by beheading in February 1528 was only too typical.  Yet his witness and confession was that of a mature Christian and serves as an example to us today.  In local taverns he’d encourage the discussion of the gospel and baptize willing converts. Spittelmayr’s gospel content was inseparable from his social content - did hearers share all they had willingly, walk the extra mile, and heed the word of the Lord?  Menno Simons too drew sharp distinctions between conforming to the world and conforming to the gospel.  This was the root of conflict resolution and peacemaking that became an Anabaptist distinctive right  along with economic sharing.  Out of Spittelmayr’s words, Colin asked “Each time you say our Father, what kind of personal commitment are you making to the exceptional radical generosity that characterizes the alternative missional community?”  This alternative missional community is our foretaste of the coming kingdom of God, where all things are made right.  Colin ended with his vision for Carey Institute, a radical coach in gospel living with with low-cost on-line courses, residence on-campus, service opportunities, and discipleship training   [AP]

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