Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sun. May 1, 2011 (Joseph Dutko)

On May 1st, Joseph Dutko spoke about replacing anxiety and worry with awe and wonder. A man asks Jesus to "tell my brother to share the inheritance with me" and Jesus criticizes him for his selfishness. This is the context for Jesus comments about not worrying. Jesus warns about covetousness and selfishness; the best way to avoid these sins by faith. Joseph said we should fear God's displeasure and trust his care; God's cares for the sparrows is indicative of his concern for us... consider the lilies and the birds. We are not to be controlled by things, rather to seek the kingdom and these things will be given us. Did Albert Scweitzer, by leaving a successful life to provide medical care for the needy in Africa, find the kingdom? (HN) NOTE: no audio recording of this service was made.



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