Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sun. Jan. 20, 2013 (John Klassen)

To remind us of our Anabaptist origins, John Klassen spoke on salvation, discipleship and discipline among our Swiss founders. In Germany Martin Luther challenged the state/religious authorities and provided an alternative, thereby giving common people hope. Luther’s actions and his focus on grace set the stage for much of what happened in Europe. Andreas Karlstadt, a priest and contemporary of Luther, said mass in German rather than Latin, married, and sought to remove infant baptism. The Schleitheim confession was a document that outlined the separation of Swiss Anabaptists from the world: a courageous model of faith which reflected the struggle for faith and purity. A small group of lay people met in Zurich, examined scripture, baptized each other, and shared communion – outrageous and illegal behaviour. Anabaptists emerged out of this gathering; a people who are saved and who need to work out their salvation. John noted that today we have church/state separation, and don’t face dilemmas like those in 1520's. He suggested that we practice inclusive behaviour as modeled by Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well. The questions for us continue: how do we live differently than the dominant society? How do we retain a Christian identity? How do we identify essentials? [HN]

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