Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sun. Feb. 2, 2014 (J. Evan Kreider)

Salt is essential for life and important for enhancing food flavours. In Old Testament times the Israelites were told "…your grain offering you shall season with salt.” (Lev. 2:13) Jesus was a travelling preacher and teacher who told stories and developed short, pithy sayings that were easily remembered: “You are the salt of the earth, you are the light of the world,” Evan Krieder pointed out on Sunday that some of Jesus followers would have heard these sayings many times and eventually they were written down. Jesus was critical of scribes and Pharisees who were obsessed with correct doctrine keeping rules to satisfy the Mosaic law. Jesus told people their behaviour needed to exceed the behaviour of these two groups. Salt does not create flavours; it enhances them. We need to find ways to enhance life for each other and our communities. Jesus told his followers: if you’re a disciple but don’t live like one, you’re useless.

You are the salt of the earth O people,
Salt for the Kingdom of God,
Share the flavour of life O people,
 Life in the kingdom of God. (Hymn #226) (HN) 

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