Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sun. Oct. 19, 2014 (Heather Pauls Murray)

Heather Pauls Murray, in her first time public speaking at a church, told stories of the heart. When first at the Menno Simons Centre twelve years ago, she, in the insignificance of her life, was confronted by an important figure who noted that ‘this is one of many important times in your life’ and is to be lived fully.  Life at the residence reinforced that view in discussions with fellow residents on the meaning of life, consideration of agonizing questions, all of which strengthened her spirituality.  The searching for knowledge typified by university was set in its proper place by her reading of Ecclesiastes 8:16, noting the search after knowledge was fruitless. The living of life instead - dinners, talks and hikes with friends - instead determined the growth of her spiritual life.  Once married and with family (a new stage with equal value), Heather noted her spiritual life remains heavy with feeling and emotion, immune to the searching for knowledge, until suddenly the lived life illuminates Scripture.  1 Corinthians 13's passage on Love conflicted with Heather’s understanding of knowledge as eternal.  But as she lived her married life, she came to realize how much more eternal and transforming was love, compared to knowledge, which seems to change with every stage and generation.  So too did her understanding of John 15:12-37 on sacrificial love also transform her once she had a family.   Stories of neighbours caring for parents and friends sacrificing their schooling for others reinforced this view for Heather. ‘Why should we sacrifice? is the answer of the head full of knowledge.  ‘Why should I not sacrifice?’ is the answer of the heart, informed by Scripture.  God as father now also stands out for Heather in a different way from her early life.  The un-understandable fears of her parents on a long trip to the Yukon now find meaning for Heather as she watches her own children meet life’s challenges.  Heather is always reminded that there is a time for everything - a time for study, travel and adventuring; a time for pouring everything into her marriage; and now is a time for sacrifice for her family.  At every stage, there will be a passage of scripture to illuminate itself for her that was previously hidden.  So too is it for each of us - young, old, working, retired, in school, at home, out in the world - and every stage is to be lived fully.   [AP]

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