Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sun. Dec. 14, 2014 (Rosie Perera)

Rosie Perera spoke on "Patient Endurance: Advent Reflections on Waiting from the Book of Revelation" based on Rev. 6:9-11 (souls of martyrs under the altar asking how long before Lord judges the inhabitants of the earth), Rev. 10:1-7 (there will be no more delay ... when the 7th angel is to blow his trumpet, the mystery of God will be fulfilled), and Rev. 12:1-6,13-17 (The Woman and the Dragon). Our anticipation of celebrating the birth of Jesus helps us to endure present trials while patiently waiting for the 2nd coming of Christ.  [KH]

Listen to the audio MP3 recording from Sunday, Dec. 14th, 2014 using your browser's preferred media player.



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