Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sun. Mar. 17, 2013 (Janice Kreider)

Janice Kreider spoke about the visit of Jesus to the home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha as described in John 12. Martha serves dinner and Mary brings a jar of expensive aromatic oils, massages Jesus’ feet, and wipes them with her hair. Feet, in arid conditions, likely had a bad smell. The fragrance of the oils fills the house. Fragrance is mentioned often in the Old Testament (incense, offerings, etc.) and rarely in the New Testament. Judas wonders why the oil wasn’t sold and the proceeds given to the poor. Jesus supports Mary, who is part of the disciples group, and silences Judas. Mary got it right; her behaviour, though possibly viewed as outrageous, is cast in a positive light. Paul continues on the aromatic theme in his epistle: “Because of Christ we give off a sweet fragrance….” (HN)

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